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The concept of identity requirements of the bank law firm, intends to develop together with silver, rich practical experience, have good business ability, good occupation ethics and team spirit.

Lawyers to join

General counsel:

Without violating the laws and regulations of the state and the rules and regulations of the company, the company shall, on the platform provided by the company, handle all kinds of cases independently, but shall be subject to the supervision of the management of the firm and the after service.

Terms of service:

1. Master degree or above, major in law from famous universities and colleges;

2. Lawyers, rich practicing experience, have the corresponding business operation ability and market development ability, has certain case basis;

3. The work of this position has a high degree of self-confidence and sense of responsibility, have good professional ethics, good personality, team spirit;

4. Financial securities, corporate operations, dispute resolution, real estate and construction projects, international business, intellectual property or related field of practice experience. Please indicate the familiar and expected business areas in your resume (Note: first excellent conditions are not restricted).

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